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tl;dr: My life is in your hands. Without you, I'm a crazy guy screaming at a computer. I don't sell your information. Buy and read all my stuff.

Welcome to my mailing list. You've signed up (or your friend has signed you up -- that bastard) because you're interested in keeping up with my writing projects. I'll overlook your bad judgement on that, and instead say thank you. A writer's life blood is readers. Without you, I'm just a crazy guy sitting in his office furiously screaming on the page for no reason. So not to put any pressure on you, but everything is up to you.

Here's what you'll get from this newsletter: me.

I promise I won't spam you with links to every god damned blog post I like. If you want to read all of that, you can just go to my blog page. Or you can check out my public Facebook page. (That's pretty cool, #AmIRight?)

What I won't do is sell your name or information to anyone. This newsletter is a relationship between you and me. Let's keep it that way.
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